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Data Studio

Easily model, create and manage any kind of content with our intuitive data modeling studio.

Publish your content API for easy integration.

Collection Types

Build the content the way you want with collection types - be it products, video playlists, products, blog or any list you can think of.

Content Type Builder


Choose from a variety of data field types (Text, rich text, number, media, list etc.) which suits your need, configure them with collection types.

Media Library

Upload your images, video, documents to the media library, use them with collections to create powerful content pages.


Collections Management

Populate content types easily with our intuitive administration panel created for each collection type you create. Configure the list and edit views for easy management of content.


Roles and Permissions

Manage access to collections using roles and permissions (create, read, update, delete)

Learn what you can build with App Flyte
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