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Idea to app in rapid time

Create content, design app, launch in one click with App Flyte. All visually, no code.


Create and manage any type of content.

Content Structures

Create content structures that suits your needs effortlessly.

Content Management

Create and manage any content with easy to use admin panels.

Media Library

Upload your images, video, audio and documents to the media library.

API for the Content

Standard RESTful API or GraphQL to query your content is automatically created, published and secured..


Create beautiful app in minutes.

Visual App Builder

Drag and drop UI elements like layouts, navigation, menus, rich text, images and videos.

Build Faster with Widgets

Create functional UI with out-of-the-box elements called widgets. 

Make it Unique with Custom Branding

Custom brand with typography, colour themes, icons and logos.

Add More Functionality with Plugins

Plugins are full features modules which can added to the app with single click, like video conferencing, chat, file sharing and more.

Bind UI Elements to Data

Bring any data to the app by binding with UI elements, simple configuration, no code.

Build faster, deploy reliably.
Join the community.

Talk to Us

Let's talk about your ideas, we are eager to get you started and start building.

Join Community @ Discord

Engage with the community, get help from our engineers or partners.

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